General Electric products are the standard of quality and high reliability. The trademark was founded in 1878 by the famous inventor Thomas Edison. At first, the brand was engaged in the production of tungsten lamps, then it launched the production of televisions and refrigerators, and since 1947 it began mass production of automatic washing machines.

Washing machines of the American brand are very popular in the home appliance market. Their success among consumers is due to their high reliability, versatility, and ability to provide effective washing for many years.

Since its founding, General Electric has never ceased to amaze customers with its advanced solutions and innovative developments. The company's washing machines have many functions (up to 19 programs) and are characterized by the excellent operation of all mechanical and electronic components.

The General Electric range includes front-loading and top-loading appliances. They are equipped with intelligent control, "super-rinse" and "economical wash" programs. In the new generation models, users have access to the ConnectPlus function, which allows them to check the status of washing on their smartphone via Wi-Fi.

We work throughout the year, without breaks for weekends and holidays. Thanks to a team of true professionals, the use of special tools, and branded spare parts, our company occupies a leading position in the field of repair of household appliances. Turning to Edmonton appliance repair specialists for help, you get professional service and a guarantee for all work performed.

Our company adheres to competitive pricing and provides services at a favorable cost. All work carried out and components are provided at a price affordable to any customer. The exact amount is announced by the master after establishing the causes of the malfunction, and with your consent to the repair, diagnostics are performed free of charge.

Our advantages and guarantees

● High quality. Our center employs experienced craftsmen who are fluent in the repair of General Electric machines. They are well aware of the design and “weak points” of the units, which allows them to accurately identify the causes of breakdowns and eliminate them in a short time.

● Free consultations. Our company promptly responds to requests and provides detailed advice on the maintenance of equipment. To get answers to your questions, just contact us by contact phone number or use the online form on the website.

● Work at home. We specialize in the on-site repair of devices, eliminating breakdowns at the customer's home. All work is carried out under your personal control. The only exceptions are difficult cases that require the delivery of equipment to the workshop.

● Original spare parts. Failed parts are replaced with branded components approved by the manufacturer. We have sufficient stocks of the necessary spare parts for the repair of machines of all models and modifications.

The failure of General Electric equipment is most often associated with poor-quality tap water, power surges, or improper operation. In the table below, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common machine breakdowns and their main symptoms.

● Drain pump failure: the machine does not spin or empty the drum.

● Faulty heating element: water is not heated.

● Damage to bearings/shock absorbers: when bearings or shock absorbers are worn, the machine makes a hum, rumble, and vibrates strongly.

● Control board failure: the selected program does not work or when the program starts, the machine does not heat/overheat the water.

● Water level sensor failure: the unit does not fill with water.

Important! General Electric units are complex equipment that requires a skilled approach. If you are not experienced in fixing such devices, troubleshooting yourself can lead to more serious problems. In case of any breakdowns, please contact our specialists and order the repair of General Electric washing machines at home in Edmonton and the area at reasonable prices!

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