Our specialists in the Electrolux appliance repair service center provide a full range of services for the repair, installation, and maintenance of Electrolux household appliances.

The history of Electrolux began over a hundred years ago - in 1910. The Swedish brand, which was originally engaged in the production of vacuum cleaners, has now become a leading manufacturer of household appliances and professional equipment for hotels and restaurants.

Electrolux household appliances are expensive and high-tech equipment that requires special knowledge for high-quality repairs. Therefore, you need to entrust the repairs exclusively to professionals. All our Electrolux appliance repair specialists have certificates confirming the right to repair any household appliances.

We specialize in the repair of Electrolux appliances. Our company is a good choice to repair Electrolux appliances because our technicians are professionals. We carry out the installation, maintenance, and repair of Electrolux appliances, taking into account the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer. We have access to modern test systems and technical documentation for each Electrolux model. Thanks to this, the diagnostics and recovery of malfunctions are carried out as quickly as possible.

We connect, repair, and service the most popular Electrolux models:

● washing machines,

● dryers,

● dishwashers,

● refrigerators and freezers,

● icemakers,

● electric ovens,

● induction ovens,

● cooktops

We carry out diagnostics and repairs of Electrolux at the client's home. Specialists will arrive at a convenient time for you, promptly eliminate the malfunction, check the operation of the device after repair.

After a repair, our Electrolux appliance repair specialists will connect the machines back to communications, check the operability of the main components and mechanisms.

Also, do not forget to invite the master if you need to correctly install the unit you just purchased. It would seem that it is easy and simple to do it yourself.

But if you do not take into account some of the nuances, you can then literally pay for it. There are not always suitable places where you can connect equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to call the wizard so that he can install and connect everything correctly.

All this and many others are also dealt with by our Electrolux appliance repair service center. An experienced master will give a number of valuable recommendations for handling the Electrolux appliances, which you will not read on the Internet or in the instructions. And the service of periodic preventive maintenance, which we provide, will significantly extend the service life of any type of Electrolux appliance.

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