We offer professional repair of Inglis household appliances using original parts at your house. Our experienced craftsmen will accurately determine the nature of the breakdown, select the necessary replacement parts and quickly repair the failed equipment.

Home appliances have evolved a lot over the past two decades. Every day, waging a fierce struggle for supremacy, the world's giants of manufacturers of household appliances are coming up with new technologies, trying to be the first to come up with something that can make the life of the owners of their products even easier. To be the first modernizers in the global electronics industry, thereby becoming a sales leader.

And service centers serving smart home appliances are trying to keep up with corporations that are ahead of time with their innovations, also constantly modernize and be technically prepared for various breakdowns of any home appliances.

Our Inglis appliance repair service center is a specialized center for the repair of washing machines, refrigerators, electric stoves, dryers, freezers, and dishwashers. Our specialists will conduct a free detailed diagnosis of the Inglis appliance, identify the cause of the breakdown and make repairs at your house, so there is no need to bring the appliance to the repair service.

The repairman will come and make a diagnosis, after which it will become clear which parts need to be replaced, how much it will cost and how long it will take. Repair is carried out by specialists with diplomas and appropriate certificates, spare parts for these works are only original, purchased directly from the manufacturer with the appropriate documents. After completing all types of work, the repair technician will show you the equipment in operation.

The Canadian company Inglis is recognized in the world as a manufacturer of quality equipment in an affordable price segment. The history of the company began in 1859. Today it supplies various types of models to the world market and is one of the leading companies.

Detailed instructions must be included in the kit for each type of Inglis equipment. It describes the types of most common breakdowns. The options for their self-elimination are indicated. It often seems to the owner of the appliance that with the help of such a detailed description, all the shortcomings can be easily eliminated on their own.

In fact, even a very detailed description does not guarantee that it will be possible to fix the model of equipment most quickly and cheaply. Modern appliances are complex devices, their operation is provided by electronics and innovative technical elements. Corresponding experience and knowledge are required for successful troubleshooting.

When performing diagnostics, the Inglis service center specialists note the most common breakdowns.


● Freezing food in the refrigerator compartment;

● Leakage of refrigerant;

● Damage to the thermostat;

● Faulty door switch;

● Lack of cold supply to the freezer;

● Compressor breakdown.

Washing machines:

● Does not spin

● Does not drain water

● Does not make a full cycle

● bounces and shakes too much

Drying machines:

● Doesn't heat

● Noises and makes strange sounds

● Doesn't turn on and gives an error


● Pour water on the floor

● Washes dishes poorly

● detergent dispenser does not open


● overheat

● does not reach a higher temperature

● does not open after self-cleaning mode

To get a high-quality repair of Inglis appliances, you just need to contact our service center by calling our operators or filling out an online form. After accepting the application, the service center directs an employee of the proper direction and skill level to the client. On-site inspection of equipment is carried out. You do not need to injure your technician by transporting it to a service center. All work is done right on the spot.

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