We offer an accurate diagnosis of the problem, experienced specialists, high-quality spare parts, and your Kenmore appliance is back in service!

Kenmore washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers free up a lot of time and energy for more enjoyable activities than washing clothes and dishes. It's impossible to imagine everyday life without a refrigerator and a stove. They fail for various reasons, in many cases beyond the control of the owner: service life, water quality, power outages, and so on. Breakdowns of such equipment bring a lot of inconveniences, so the owners usually try to bring their household assistants back to life as soon as possible and start looking for repair services. Our workshop will be the best choice for your Kenmore appliance.

Our appliance repair service repairs all Kenmore appliances. Repairs are carried out with a visit to the house. Experienced highly skilled craftsmen will definitely bring your Kenmore appliances back to life!

Calling specialists to repair Kenmore appliances, the client hopes that the master will accurately fix the breakdown. People who have used our service confirm that their hopes are fully justified and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. Here are the main reasons to contact us:

● very accurate and fast diagnostics;

● courtesy, attention to each client;

● individual approach - the technician will always offer several options for solving the problem, based on the wishes and capabilities of the client;

● experienced, highly qualified personnel. Only masters with extensive experience in working with Kenmore appliances are accepted for work;

● home diagnostics and repairs;

● availability of original Kenmore parts of different price categories;

● a warranty for repairs and parts;

● acceptable price level;

● free diagnostics (in case of repair).

During the call, you discuss with the operator the place and time of the visit of our specialist, describe the symptoms of a breakdown. From your words, our employees will definitely understand the approximate cause of the malfunction, the master will be able to take the necessary parts and tools with him.

On the spot, the foreman conducts diagnostics of your Kenmore appliance, names the cause of the breakdown, describes options for solving the problem. After your decision, we will carry out the repair. This usually takes one and a half to three hours. The advantages of home repairs are obvious - you don't need to dismantle anything, hire transport, or take your equipment to a service center.

The specialist is provided with tools, diagnostic devices. The professional is motivated to start and finish the renovation in one visit. The owner has the right to control the process and receive information along the way.

Common causes of failure of Kenmore household appliances:

● vibrations

● overload

● foreign objects trapped inside

● heat

● high humidity

● aging of materials

● substandard detergents

● interaction with aggressive chemicals

● non-observance of operating rules

Don't use the "advice" you get on the Internet. All risks will be your responsibility. Disassembly of machine units without special knowledge and practiced practical skills threatens final failure without the possibility of further recovery. The estimate can become meaningful.

We minimize costs for your time spent, finances, health risks. The repairman will arrive exactly at the appointed time. Purchases spare parts and installs them correctly so that the Kenmore appliance works for you again. Stop your choice on our workshop! Positive feedback from our clients testifies to the high quality of service and serves as the best advertisement for our company!

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