General Electric professional service center for household appliances

In the modern world, every home has appliances, and not only one, but several. We cannot imagine our life without our appliances. We need it for storing groceries, cleaning the house, washing things, and much more. Unfortunately, it has a tendency to break. Often people without experience cannot fix the problem on their own. In such unpleasant situations, our GE appliance repair specialists will help.

Our service center works to ensure that faulty GE appliances function correctly again. It will not be a problem for the employees of our workshop to eliminate mechanical, electrical, or electronic breakdowns, to carry out preventive actions, and give practical advice on such issues as:

●                causes of the listed problems;

●                exact timing and cost of restoration work;

●                basic rules for the operation of household appliances.

Long-term practice shows that the self-repair of a breakage (without the involvement of a specialist) most often aggravates the problem. And even a minor defect can become a serious problem that will require major repairs, as well as impressive financial costs.

We carry out repairs of any complexity and any GE appliance:

● General Electric (GE) Side-By-Side refrigerators, French Doors refrigerators, with upper and lower freezers.

● General Electric (GE) electric dryers.

● General Electric (GE) washing machines with vertical and front-loading linen.

● General Electric (GE) dishwashers with top and front-loading dishes.

● General Electric (GE) electric stoves, cooktops, and ovens

Most common General Electric appliances malfunctions:

● The washing machine does not drain, water does not drain

● The washing machine knocks out plugs

● Object stuck in the washing machine

● The refrigerator turns on and off immediately

● Freezes ice on the back of the refrigerator

● Therefrigeratordoesnotfreeze

● General Electric wine cabinet warming up, warm inside

● The dishwasher washes poorly, does not wash

● The dishwasher won't open, won't close

● Beeps, flashing error in the dishwasher

● Thedryerdoesnotdry

● Thedryerhums, squeaks, rattles

● One or more cooking burners in the stove are not working

● Theovenisoverheating

● The timer on the stove does not work

Repair of appliances by General Electric is always preceded by a comprehensive diagnostics of units and systems. Visual inspection, in this case, is not enough, because the malfunction can be hidden, and existing defects are often difficult to notice with the naked eye. The technicians of our service center have the necessary technical equipment to inspect the unit:

● special leak detectors to find coolant leaks;

● thermometers indicating deviations in the heating temperature of a particular part;

● digital testers to detect problem areas in electrical circuits;

● mechanical tools for dismantling equipment being repaired.

Diagnostics is free of charge. The only exception is the case when the client refuses further services. All work is carried out exclusively at home, the transportation of equipment to the workshop is not required.

The parts are selected of the highest quality. Our General Electric appliance repair service guarantees:

● stable operation of the device for a long time;

● minimum time for selection of spare parts and individual units;

● 100% compatibility of parts with a specific model of equipment.

Our technicians usually have almost all positions for parts. If a rare part is required, it will be promptly ordered either from the manufacturer or from authorized dealers. The workshop closely cooperates with leading market players.

The final cost of the repair is calculated by the master after diagnostics. All prices are reasonable and accurate. Service center customers never overpay.

Our General Electric appliance repair specialist will come to your home at a convenient time for you. It is possible to schedule an appointment on weekends and holidays.

Entrust your home appliances to those who deal with them professionally. Our appliance repair specialists will bring your appliances back to life in the shortest possible time.

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