The General Electric Company was founded by the world-famous inventor, scientist T. Edison in 1878.

Today, General Electric is an industrial giant. This corporation is one of the largest in terms of production and sales income worldwide.

General Electric has many lines of business and industries.

GE Appliance is one of the divisions of a huge corporation engaged in the manufacture of large and small household appliances.

The official General Electric service center works to ensure that faulty washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine cabinets function correctly again. It will not be a problem for workshop employees to eliminate a mechanical, electrical, or electronic breakdown, take preventive actions and give practical advice on issues such as:

●     the causes of the listed problems;

●     the exact timing and cost of restoration work;

●     basic rules for the operation of household appliances.

Long-term practice shows that self-elimination of a breakdown (without involving a specialist) most often aggravates the situation. And even a minor defect can become a serious problem that will require a major overhaul, as well as impressive financial costs.

General Electric dishwashers are made from quality materials and reliably assembled at factories in the USA. Our customers like these units for a number of characteristics:

● low noise level

● effective cleaning and disinfection of all types of dishes,

● fast drying

● child safety feature,

● water protection system,

● ease of operation (thanks to the convenient control panel),

● dimensions and dimensions suitable for small kitchens,

● stylish design.

In practice, our service center masters most often encounter such breakdowns of GE machines:

● Doesn't drain water.

● Doesn't heat water.

● Doesn't wash dishes.

● It turns on but does not work (lights flash).

● Worn door cuff.

● Faulty sunroof lock system.

● Smells burnt, smokes.

The above and all sorts of other malfunctions occur, as a rule, after several years of flawless service of the General Electric dishwasher. This is due to the natural wear of parts over time.

Often, the owners themselves provoke a breakdown of the unit, forgetting to take care of it and neglecting the rules set forth in the instruction manual.

In order not to aggravate the breakdown, it is better not to take on the repair of such complex and “smart” equipment like a dishwasher without having the appropriate knowledge and experience. Trusting non-professionals is also dangerous.

If you can’t do without your favorite General Electric “assistant” and don’t want to buy a new dishwasher, call our specialist at home.

An experienced dishwasher repairman will arrive on the day and time that is most convenient for you. The earliest is within 3 hours after you submit your repair request.

The service center specialist consistently and carefully conducts:

● Diagnosis of unit failure.

● Calculation of the final cost of repairs and negotiation of the price with you.

● Repair or replacement of failed GE dishwasher parts.

● Washing in test mode.

● Issuance of a guarantee for repairs and installed components.

After that, you can again use the General Electric dishwasher, which is indispensable in everyday life, and for a long time, you will not know any trouble with it!

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