General Electric has always been a pioneer. Subsequently, their innovations were taken into account by all well-known world manufacturers. Judge for yourself: in 1939 they were the first to separate the refrigerator and freezer compartments. They were the first to release a side-by-side refrigerator. The American brand also made a significant contribution to the development of the No Frost system, which has become commonplace on the market today.

Brand products have the following advantages:

●     Multifunctionality;

●     Progressive technologies;

●     Capacity - premium models are designed with a volume above 700 liters;

●     Luxurious decor.

Typical breakdowns of General Electric refrigerators

The most important details of any refrigerator (including General Electric) are:

● evaporator (it produces cold);

● pipelines (freon moves through them);

● fan (thanks to it, cold air is circulated);

● compressor (motor is the basis of any mechanism).

In addition, all General Electric models are equipped with an automatic defrost system, which is responsible for the absence of an ice crust on the walls of your refrigerator and does not require periodic disconnection from the mains for manual defrosting. But after 7-10 years of constant operation, the system begins to malfunction, and the main elements responsible for the flow of cold also fail. The first signs of such a breakdown are that a drop in temperature is observed in the refrigerator compartment, if you do not seek help in time, the problem will reach the freezer itself.

No cold in refrigerator and freezer


● Broken thermostat;

● Malfunctions in the compressor relay or in the compressor itself;

● Blockage of the capillary tube;

● Freon leak.

Refrigeration is present only in the freezer


● Clogged filter or capillary tube;

● Broken compressor;

● Freon leak.

Ice builds up on the back of the refrigerator


● Faulty compressor;

● Problems with the tightness of the refrigerator;

● Freon leak;

● Filter blockage.

This is not an exhaustive list of issues you may encounter with your refrigerator. Competent specialist help and diagnostics will establish the cause of the malfunction and find a way to eliminate it.

Do you need to fix refrigerators yourself?

The Internet today is full of videos and recommendations on how to deal with the breakdown of household appliances yourself. After reading them, you may decide that this is a simple matter. Why pay someone else when I can do it myself? We want to warn you: all videos are universal tips focused on a common device without taking into account the individual characteristics of the manufacturer. Trying to cope on your own often means only harming and exacerbating the complexity of the breakdown. It is not clear why do this when our service offers you high-quality and inexpensive repairs?

Why do customers choose to cooperate with our service?

● We respect your time: arriving at the time strictly designated by you without delay. You can always order free diagnostics and repairs right on the day of your call;

● We work quickly: we repair even the most complex malfunctions within 1-2 hours without transportation to a service center;

● We help you save money by offering reasonable prices, a system of discounts for regular customers, we do not impose additional services if they are not needed, we always have free diagnostics in case of repair;

● We guarantee quality: in our staff, only professional craftsmen with experience of 5 years, we install only original spare parts.

If you have any questions, we are always waiting for your calls.

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