The American company General Electric, or simply GE, was founded in 1878 by inventor Thomas Edison.

In addition to household appliances (a division of GE Appliances), they produce a lot more: from aircraft engines to medical equipment.

However, the average buyer knows this brand for high-quality household appliances.

The choice of a dryer is often caused by limited conditions for natural drying or simply by the desire to organize your life as comfortably as possible. But any technique sooner or later requires maintenance or repair. Even the repair of GE tumble dryers, which are particularly reliable, is not uncommon. These problems are easily fixed if there is a reliable repair service nearby. In the hands of professionals, even hopeless equipment quickly returns to service and serves quite flawlessly no worse than after purchase. Our repair service can help you get your GE dryer back up and running.

Why does a dryer fail?

The service centers are already familiar with the most common types of washing machine breakdowns. Repair of GE dryers is provided by the masters of our service. In most cases, errors are typical and easily detected. The reasons may be poor care or wear of parts during operation. And this is quite natural since all structural elements of dryers carry a considerable load. These are exposure to humidity and high temperature, intensive use, voltage drops.

Repairing a dryer on your own is almost impossible. Firstly, you will need software to identify the causes, and secondly, you need to understand the design.

The most difficult thing is to identify breakdowns of unstable nature. That is, your technique works today, and tomorrow it refuses for unknown reasons. In this case, only an experienced specialist can identify them. Sometimes this requires the use of special equipment and reference literature.

According to statistics, repairing a dryer in case of any breakdown is not so expensive. Cheaper than buying a new one.

The masters of our company noted the list of breakdowns of GE dryers that customers most often deal with.

Poor air heating

In practice, the cause of this phenomenon is usually the breakdown of the heating element. Also, a failure may occur at the power level, in some areas the terminal, fuse, or wire may be damaged. And only in rare cases, there is a failure of sensors or a control element. One way or another, contact a service center cannot be avoided, since knowledge of the design of specific brands is necessary.

Loud noise during operation

● Increased noise can be caused by:

● uneven stacking of laundry in the drum, which leads to imbalance;

● bearing or shock absorber wear;

● hit with linen of solid objects;

● the uneven ground under the car.

If it was not possible to independently identify the cause, do not delay contacting the workshop. Excessive vibration will lead to serious malfunctions of other elements.

Air is not supplied to the drum

There can be many reasons. One of them is a broken fan. This is not the easiest option that requires either repair or replacement. You can independently check the air duct - for cracks, defects, depressurization of the connection. You can do this by reading the maintenance manual for your dryer. In some models, there is an air conditioner with a compressor that pumps cool air. Its failure may be the reason for the lack of drying of the laundry.

Air overheating

Due to insufficient air circulation in the system, the heating elements can be overloaded. The simplest reason is a dirty filter. You can clean it without contacting the service. In more complex cases, failure of sensors, fuses, or other elements is possible.

The machine does not turn on

It is necessary to check the serviceability of the motor, sensors, and fuses. In some cases, replacement of worn parts is possible at home.

Uneven drum speed

With such breakdowns, the laundry may remain too damp, and there is almost no effect from using the machine. Failures occur due to the weak tension of the belt, its premature wear or breakdown of the thermostat. Because of this, the heating elements are constantly turned off and the drum stops.

For any of the above problems, it is better to contact the master of our company in order to prevent a more serious breakdown.

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