If you are looking for a dependable service center for the repair of Samsung cooling appliances, we offer the services of our company. We employ highly qualified specialists with extensive skills in repairing household appliances of this brand. We provide a warranty on parts and work performed. You can schedule an appointment by phone or by filling out the form on the website.

The South Korean manufacturer is famous for its high-quality and durable products. But no matter how reliable the equipment is, it is still prone to breakdowns. Our specialists carry out a repair of Samsung fridges and freezers at home. The master will arrive at your house at a prearranged time, conduct a thorough diagnosis and tell you the cost of the repair.

The word Samsung means "three stars" in Korean. On the world market, Samsung Electronics is known as a manufacturer of high-tech telecommunications equipment, home appliances, audio, and video equipment. In 2005, Samsung Electronics became the most popular electronics brand and for the first time surpassed its direct competitor from Japan, Sony. In 2007, Samsung Electronics overtook US Motorola to become the world's second-largest mobile phone company.

Samsung refrigerators are very popular. First of all, buyers are attracted by a diverse assortment, great design, and affordable prices. Samsung refrigerators are equipped with a No Frost cooling system and multi-flow air circulation inside, as a result, the walls of the refrigerator compartment do not freeze over, and there is no need to periodically defrost them, even if the ambient humidity is high enough. For ease of management, modern models are equipped with a convenient digital display.

However, there is no household appliance that never breaks. Sometimes this happens with Samsung refrigerators.

The most common breakdowns of the Samsung cooling appliance: water leakage in the refrigerator compartment in refrigerators with a top freezer, freezing of the lower drawer of the freezer in refrigerators with a bottom freezer, poor cooling or no cooling in the refrigerator due to a breakdown of the “NO FROST” system, breakdown evaporator heater, sensor failure, freon leakage, motor-compressor failure, fan failure, clogging of the capillary pipeline.

The first signs of a breakdown in the temperature sensor or the Samsung refrigerator control board are ice buildup in the refrigerator compartment or the appearance of water under the lower freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

And if your Samsung electric refrigerator and freezer are broken, our craftsmen will urgently repair your Samsung refrigerator at your home within a few hours after your call, at a time convenient for you. We provide you with guarantees for our service, confirming our responsibility for the quality of repair of Samsung refrigerators.

We can distinguish such characteristic malfunctions of the devices of the South Korean brand:

● thermostat failure;

● failure of the sensor that activates the defrost mode (No Frost system);

● problems with the touch panels;

● mechanical damage caused by careless use of the device.

To repair a specific model, thorough diagnostics will be carried out, the functionality of the technical specifications and built-in options will be checked. After identifying the weaknesses, the Samsung refrigeration unit will undergo a careful repair or update of components and elements.

Difficulties with refrigerators of the presented brand are extremely rare, especially with careful use. However, be prepared to replace the inverter compressor and temperature sensors, rehabilitate the electronic control unit, debug the water supply, drainage, and drainage system. You should order the departure of the master, already when the first calls come in, so as not to aggravate the problem. Alarm signals of a household appliance: interruptions when turning on and off, smudges, difficulties in thermoregulation.

Our specialists are well acquainted with the range of equipment of this brand, which allows us to repair Samsung refrigerators in a short time.

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